[RUMOR] Possible Pro C members: Kim Sang Bae-exMBLAQ member, some JTC trainees attending MBLAQ Seoul concert recently, and the took pic with Mir’s sister after concert. P/S: This is just rumor discuss by fans on korean sites.. nothing had been confirmed. But you can have the idea of who and how JTC trainees looks like.

[RUMOR] Kim Sangbae - MBLAQ ex-member to be one of Pro C members #1

Joon and the story of his nickname “The Big Face”

Running Man ep162 - Lee Joon vs. Kwangsoo

[PICS] MBLAQ filming The Dramatic - Broadcast on August 2nd 10PM KST @ MBCEvery1 via Kim YunJeong

[SPOILER] MBLAQ @ All the KPOP Tonight #2 CRAT

[SPOILER] MBLAQ @ All the KPOP Tonight #1 CRAT

130722 [OFFICIAL] Joon @ Golden Fishery Radio Star


130714 [PICS] MBLAQ Filming Musical Drama “The Dramatic”

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MBLAQ: Our maknae has changed since he become Trend topic artist >.<